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Hey, Gardens Elementary –                         Kids Heart Challenge is wrapping up!

 Our students are doing acts of kindness and spreading the message about heart disease throughout our community.  Kids making a real difference!

 We’re fighting hard against heart diseases and stroke.  Congratulations TEAM HERO for breaking our tie!  So far, we’ve raised $625 online toward our big goal of $1,000.  We have some fun celebrations planned for when we get there!

 Due to the large amount of students desiring to be a part of the celebration and to the suggestion of the area director for the AHA, the date was extended to March 6, 2020!!

Any student that donates $75.00 can slime Coach Pantoja! Also, we will have a fun PE day to celebrate the end of Kids Heart Challenge!

 Want to be a SUPER Heart Hero?  Earn the exclusive Finn’s Challenge Badge!  Take all 10 Missions and get a BONUS badge for your powerband!


Student Health Challenges taken:

  • 8 students pledged to be prepared
  • 7 took the challenge to be active and move more
  • 14 pledged to help others and be kind

 Pro Tip:  Already downloaded the Kids Heart Challenge app or signed in online?  Awesome!  In this busy world, we all need reminders.  Schedule additional Facebook posts with the socials tab, use the text icon, or send another round of emails.  There are a few templates to help you get started.  Find them in your headquarters on!

 Conversation Prompt:  This week’s featured challenge is: Be Prepared.  Ask your student how their challenge is going.  How are they being more prepared (Eating breakfast? Remembering their homework? Getting enough rest? Eating so they have plenty of energy?)? 

Great News:  Did you know that has amazing resources to help you tackle all the risk factors for heart diseases and stroke?  We couldn’t do it without you!  Check it out and share with those you love.

 Want to double your donation dollars?  Find out if your company offers matching gifts at

 Calling All Houston Rockets, Dynamo and Space Center Fans! Check out some bonus “THANK YOU” incentives from Houston’s best!

  • Houston Space Center - Raise $15 and earn a Buy One, Get One voucher
  • Houston Dynamo Game- Raise $25 earn a Buy One, Get One voucher
  • Houston Rockets Game - Raise $50 earn Discounted tickets to a Rockets game, receive a T-Shirt and get invited for a special experience before the game

*All vouchers will be emailed directly to parents as soon as voucher is earned. Game dates begin in March.


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