Distant Learning Support

With Clever, your student will need to just log in the one account and have access to many different electronic resources without having to repeat the log in process for each resource that is available for their grade level.  They will only need to click on the thumbnails within Clever after logging in. 

The thumbnails include DreamBox, BrainPop, BrainPopJr, and Studies Weekly, if available for your child's grade level.


On the above toolbar under For Students -or- For Parents, select "Clever"
It will direct you to the Clever website for Pasadena ISD: Gardens Elem
Once on the website, select "Log In with Clever" (DO NOT SELECT "Log in with Stoneware")

The username is (first initial)(last initial)(Student ID Number)
The password is pw(Student ID Number)

**For Example: Charlie Brown with the Student ID Number 0543923 login info would be...
****Username: cb0543923
****Password: pw0543923


Istation is also a thumbnail within Clever BUT requires you to download the program unless you are using a Chromebook laptop.  When you click on the Istation thumbnail, select Download Istation, and you will be redirected to a page with directions on downloading the program for whichever type of device you are using.

Once downloaded you will need to enter the Domain name.
For Gardens Elementary Students, the Domain is gardens.pasadena.tx 
There is also a space for Peer Group, but you will leave this blank. 

 The student is now ready to log in using the same username and password as Clever. 
The username is (first initial)(last initial)(Student ID Number)
The password is pw(Student ID Number)

**For Example: Charlie Brown with the Student ID Number 0543923 login info would be...
****Username: cb0543923
****Password: pw0543923