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Creatively Green
We are excited to announce our
NRG Creatively Green
Family Arts Festival

that will be held at
Gardens Elementary on
Saturday, May 16th
from 9:00-11:30

In order to make this event a success we will be holding a
Creatively Green
Recycle Drive from
March 27th-May 1st.

We are collecting following items for the family art projects:

-Empty Water Bottles
-Clear Packing Tape
-Empty Egg Cartons
-Wooden Clothes Pins
-Rope (to hang art on)
-Old Cotton Dish Rags (no terry cloths please)
-Wire Coat Hangers
-Aluminum Cans (soda cans)
-Wooden Paint Stir Sticks
(12"-24" long)
-Fine Thin Strong Plastic Straws

The grade level that brings the most items will earn a
popsicle party!

Thank you for your help and support to make this event a success.
Chevron Phillips

Go Green